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  Computed Tomography (CT)

CT scan is an X-Ray imaging technique combined with advanced computer calculation and analysis. It provides high resolution, three dimensional images of various body organs. It is suitable for diagnosis of tumors, abscesses and for health check purposes.

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CT with IV contrast: 1) Please provide previous medical films and reports such as CT, MRI or ultrasound for reference. 2) Fasting for 4 hours is needed before contrast CT exam, expected drinking water. 3) Please inform our staff about any asthma, diabetes mellitus or other allergies. 4) Patients with asthma / significant allergy history, such as seafood allergy or drug allergy are highly recommended to have steroid cover (40 mg Oral Prednisolone at 12 hours and 2 hours prior to the examination) prescribed by referring doctor before the appointed examination day. 5) Assess renal function and history of kidney disease if necessary. 6) If you have diabetes, please withhold Metformin / Glucophage on the day before examination and 48 hours after injection of contrast. Please inform referring doctor for alternative diabetes control medication before the appointed examination. 7) Oral contrast (provided by our centre) maybe required for certain examinations, please consult our staff in the centre should any problem. 8) Please inform our staff if there is any chance of pregnancy before examination. 9) Please remove all metal items including jewelry, dentures and hairpins as they may affect CT scan image.

Special Preparations:

CT Upper Abdomen/ Whole Abdomen/ Pelvis: 1) Please drink approximately 600 ml plain water and refrain from going to the bathroom prior to the examination. CT Coronary Angiogram 1) Do not consume alcohol, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, coffee or any caffeinated products 12 hours before examination. 2) Strenuous exercises or cigarettes should be avoided before examination. 3) Viagra or similar drugs should be avoided for 12 hours before the examination 4) If your heart rate is too high, oral Beta-Blocker drug may be given to lower heart rate to a desired level before examination. 5) Sublingual Nitroglycerin (TNG) may be given for vasodilation.